How to choose a good Bong? Tips for Choosing a Bong

Choosing a Bong

There are different ways to smoke marijuana or vaporize marijuana, but in this case we are going to see how we can choose a good Bong.  The word “Bong” comes from the word “baung” which was called the bamboo pipe.  It is believed that this creation comes from India, but others claim that it is from Egypt or China, it is not very clear, but it can be said that it is one of the oldest devices for smoking marijuana.

 It is curious that in the bong bought at #1 online headshop the marijuana is filtered and cooled by smoking it.  Without a doubt it is healthier than smoking a joint, although healthier than smoking in a bong is through a modern vaporizer, but everyone has the best way of smoking and the one they like the most, some like to smoke a joint , and others smoke in a bong, to taste colors.

 What puts many people off from the “bong” is the size, so size matters, although to others it is perhaps what they like the most.  There are thousands of different bongs according to the tastes and needs of each one.

What do we have to pay attention to when buying a bong?

One of the points that we have to look at is the capacity that we can smoke, the lung capacity of each one, if we buy a pipe that is too big or too cumbersome, we will end up being overwhelmed, because everything takes a process of learning and getting used to.  We have to choose the bong that best suits us and what we are going to smoke.

Another point to keep in mind is if we are going to share the bong and we are going to use it only us, I prefer to use it by myself, it is my moment, but there are other people who prefer to share it, and they have to do with who they share it with to choose one model or another, depending on how skilled the other person is.

You have to choose a good material, since there are bongs of many sizes and shapes, glass, plastic, ceramic or bamboo.  They all have their advantages or disadvantages, glass is the one I like the most but the most delicate, plastic is the easiest to use and handle, in the end it depends on the pocket and the consumer who uses the bong on a daily basis and who gets it. can allow.

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