Amazon Best Sellers Rank: What Sellers Need to Know

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Amazon is one of the top sources of online traffic in the US. If you’re a seller on Amazon, your success hinges on two key things: how many products you sell and how much revenue you generate.

To determine where your product stands among thousands of similar items, Amazon uses a proprietary algorithm called Best Sellers Rank (BSR). This ranking system measures your sales volume relative to other Amazon sellers.

What is Amazon BSR?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR), also known as Amazon Sales Rank, is a score that Amazon gives each product based on its sales volume. You can usually find it in the product’s listing right under the title.

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank or BSR is your product’s rank relative to all other products within a particular category. It’s a good indicator of how well a certain product will sell on Amazon

Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank is a number that helps customers identify what’s popular and well-priced on Amazon. It serves as an indicator of how well your products are selling relative to similar items.

Amazon BSR is measured in different categories, so when consumers search for a product, they can see Best Sellers Rank ranging from

The amazon best sellers rank by category is a ranking algorithm that Amazon uses to rank products in its search results.

The formula for calculating the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) can be a bit opaque and confusing, but it’s largely based on sales velocity.

Amazon updates the BSR of all products every hour, and a product’s category determines how much weight the ranking places on sales velocity. For example, products in less competitive categories tend to have higher BSRs as they don’t usually sell as many units as popular categories like Electronics or Beauty.

How Do You Find Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

You can find your product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank on your product listing page under the Product Details section. The lower your BSR, the more sales you have relative to other products in the same category.

Best Sellers Rank vs Organic Search Rank

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank is not the same as your organic rank.

BSR is your product’s ranking relative to other products in the same category based mainly on sales velocity, while organic ranking shows how well your listing performs for a certain search term or keyword.

How do you find your Amazon best sellers rank?

To find your Amazon BSR, simply open the product page for the item in question, and look for “Best Sellers Rank” in the product details section. If an item has no BSR, it is not listed as a “bestselling” product. This can mean that it hasn’t sold well enough to be included in the ranking system yet.

There are several factors that affect Amazon BSR. The most important factor is simply sales volume. An item that sells more will have a higher BSR than one that sells less. However, sales velocity is also taken into consideration. An item with a large number of sales in a short amount of time will have a higher BSR than one with the same amount of sales but over a longer period of time.

In order to get good visibility and high traffic to your listing, you need to optimize your product detail pages and listings for better organic search ranking.

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