What Are The Advantages Of Selling An Apartment With An Exclusive Real Estate Agency?

Selling An Apartment

One of the doubts that many owners have when selling their apartment or home is to use the services of a real estate agency to get the sale.

However, many owners are unaware of the advantages of selling with an exclusive real estate agency that we are going to tell about in this article.

Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agency To Sell An Apartment

In previous posts we have discussed the advantages of hiring a real estate agency to sell a flat, but although today’s topic is similar, it has certain differences that we will explain below.

The first thing to understand is that both systems have advantages, some are different from each other. However, for the owner there are many benefits if he knows how to do it well.

To do this we are going to try to break the myth that hiring a real estate agency is not a good option.

The truth is that many people totally mistakenly think that choosing a real estate agency to sell a property is a bad option.

This image occurs as a result of situations in which a seller has a supposed buyer through an agency, but at the last minute another appears and takes the cat overboard.

This happening a lot should put us on notice. In the event that an agency has an exclusive apartment. They need to sell it first before doing that.

Precisely, this is an advantage since they do not want to lose money, like the owner, and therefore will spend time and money to sell that property.

The benefits are double, it is a guarantee for the owner and the agency manages to expand its portfolio of assets.

Think that the company that has an exclusive property is not going to relax to get its sale, quite the contrary.

In addition, by selling they manage to kill two birds with one stone. First, secure a client and do a good job with the positive consequences that this represents, that is, good opinions and maintain a serious and responsible agency image.

Finally, the second consequence of all this is that the agency ensures continuous work by having an exclusive contract.

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The Agency Ensures The Following:

The good thing about real estate agencies using the exclusive contracting method with the owners is that they sell before.

Stop and think about this carefully. Many flats and homes that are out there are listed without offering the address, hiding the flat from future buyers, who won’t be able to visit the flat.

However, an agency that wants to sell and has the apartment exclusively is going to spread it through more sales channels, and therefore has a better chance of selling faster.

On the other hand, few agencies work exclusively. This is because it is a job that requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the agencies, but that results in a good portfolio of clients and assets.

And it is that to sell exclusively, not everyone is worth it and if you have chosen wrong you can always break the contract. That is why something as basic as trust is so important.

When you sign an exclusive contract you are giving permission to third parties to represent you in the most important sale of your life, your house or apartment.

Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure that the agency you hire is the one you want to represent you.

Having a single representative, in this case, the agency has many advantages. You save time and money by saving intermediaries in the process.

An exclusive property forces the agency to find the best offer, not only economical, but also satisfactory for the client. In addition, the sale process today is longer than a few years ago when homes were sold like hotcakes.

Although the market is currently rebounding, it is still too early to say that home sales are fast.

On the contrary, you have to refine with prices and adjust the process of choosing sellers a lot.

In addition, proof of this is that the Sareb, that is, the bad bank still has homes for sale that it tries to place, but it does not succeed and for this it offers them in the press.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much time am I going to spend selling the apartment?
  • Do I know the market well enough?
  • Do you want to secure a quick sale?
  • Is the price of my home adjusted to reality or is it expensive? Is it better to go to a professional?

The answer to all these questions has to be hired by an agency. The real estate market is more difficult than it seems and much more in times like today where the price of housing has not stabilized and there are doubts.

Today you have to make many adjustments that affect the final price and profit margins were not like a few years ago.

In other words, you are looking for the guarantee and securing the purchase that will make money. And the difference is that you sell at the price that an agency gets is minimal.

Real estate agencies are experts in the art of haggling, but they are not going to lose money or clients, so the exclusive contract is a good way to secure a client for a reasonable price.

Yes, it is true that an agency is going to take a commission, but perhaps it is not preferable to selling your house or having it stopped for years without getting even an offer.

In addition, the specialization of the agencies allows them to make better offers, have more resources and be able to offer the apartments in places and platforms that are difficult to access for individuals.

In this way, they make sure to reach everywhere and have a better chance of selling your apartment .

In short, the advantages of selling with an exclusive real estate agency are commitment, saving time and money and trust. A win-win contract in which both parties (owner and agency) win.

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