Tips To Throw the Best of Birthday Party For Your Closed Ones

Tips To Throw the Best of Birthday Party For Your Closed Ones

You are surrounded by friends, family members and cousins. Everyone is dear to you, but there is always someone who is dearest to you than the rest. It could be your dad, mother, sibling, friend, lover or spouse. For the dearest of the dear, birthday celebrations are always a bit unique and creative. Because you have exhausted all the ideas for the bestest birthday bash; we have come up with more ideas just for you.

  1. Order Cake and Bake A Cake: Don’t get confused, will explain everything how to go about this idea. First, order a beautiful yet delicious birthday cake for the recipient. Go for the trending options like personalised cakes or theme cakes. Make sure it is his or her favouriteflavour and avail midnight cake delivery in Varanasi for 12 AM cake cutting rituals. Coming to the second part of the plan, bake a basic vanilla cake (or any other if you can). Inside the cake hide chits with wishes or money or any other kind of surprise. Make it a surprise birthday cake. As the recipient cuts the cake, the surprise will be unveiled.
  2. Birthday Bombs: Birthday bombs have become a thing of the past. It’s time to revive the tradition with new twists. Have a trampoline and on top of it give birthday bombs to the birthday guest of honour. The other idea to implement this is to have a mattress laid on the floor. Instead of the birthday bombs, sway the person side-to-side and drop him or her on the mattress.

3.Terrace Party: Going out and celebrating is still risky. Have home-birthday parties. Ditch the living room this time, and make your terrace the new venue. Go with glow in the dark theme by giving everyone accessories like tiaras, masks, and bracelets that glow in the dark. Bonfire theme with hookah and kebabs is also a great winter birthday theme. Have snacks, soft and hard drinks, and music. Play some games like cards or plan a surprise element like make your own flavourfulpaneertikka or own cocktail and give it a name, etc.

  1. Staycation Plans: Do away with all the birthday tensions and worries and plan a staycation. Let it be a surprise for the birthday guest of honour. In a hotel or resort, make the bookings for a night or so. Ask the resort or hotel authorities to make special arrangements for the birthday, and they will take care of everything. If you have something special in mind that you want; let them know, and they will get it arranged for you like bubble bath, champagne bottle or special breakfast.
  2. Hide and Seek: Hide and seek is the favourite game of every child. If you are throwing your child’s birthday bash, do incorporate this idea. Hide all the gifts in and around the house, even his or her friend’s gifts. After the celebrations like cake cutting, playing games and binge eating the snacks, ask your child to find the gifts with the help of hints.
  3. Cosy Day At Home: Birthday bash necessarily doesn’t have to be loud all the time. Intimate and cosy ideas are great as well. If someone likes it this way, make it happen it that way. If the birthday falls in the winters, build a blanket fort, order pizza, fries, or snacks with some hot chocolate and have a cosy birthday. We didn’t mention the cake because you know it’s essential. You can put on some fairy lights as well.
  4. Hang Out At New Places: You can plan a hangout with the birthday guest of honour. As per the interest of the girl or boy, plan the activity. A brunch at some posh restaurant where there is a live band performing is great if he or she is a foodie and likes to explore things. Then, visiting a museum is for someone who is interested in history. Shopping sprees can also be given a thought.
  5. Eat. Sleep. Repeat: Birthdays are an excellent excuse to relax and unwind. For a day, let the person do just that and nothing else. Treat him or her with tasty food all throughout the day, keep him or her away from the chores, and let him or her just chill in bed and with Netflix, video games.

Which Idea are you going to implement?

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