Light Up the Stairways with Unique Chandeliers that Changes Mood

Light Up the Stairways with Unique Chandeliers that Changes Mood

Lighting can make any corner of your home appealing and flashy. Still, people are generally more concerned about lighting the hallway, living area, kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces, other than the staircase. Like your hallway, your staircase also requires some attention. People generally change the railings or tiles on staircase and think they’ve made a huge achievement. However, the truth is that different kind of lightings with various shapes and colors can also change the appearance of anything.

There are various ways to provide artificial lighting. Whether you want LED, neon lights, or candles, anything can be used as long as it gives light to the room. Every method brings a different type of feel to the room. These different lights come at a different price. Thus, choosing a unique style can sometimes become expensive.

Sofary provides huge collections of chandeliers for homes and offices. Be it any room, Sofary has options like a raindrop, glass, crystal, spiral wave, ring, or long chandelier for staircase as well. It is located in Seattle, Washington but deals all over the US. They are partnered with the best designers and manufacturers that provide exquisite products at a decent price. You can get rid of middlemen while purchasing from them, you can also get 30 days refund if you’re dissatisfied with the product. If you want a good chandelier for your staircase, then check their collection on this link

Installing a light fixture on the stairwell can definitely improve its beauty. However, not all lights match with all types of stairs. Here are a few tips that will help you decide the right type of chandelier for your staircase –

Purpose of Chandelier

Before purchasing any chandelier, it is wise to understand the main purpose for it. Will it be used as a decorative piece to enhance the beauty of your home or will it be used to light up the stairwell space? If you’re buying it for interior, then there are various crystal and other unique styles that focus less on light and more on design. However, when you’re buying it lights up the area, your main focus should be on the number of bulb holders in the chandelier.

Differentiate between Light and Style

Most people focus on both light as well as a style which makes things complicated. While focusing on the light it is appropriate to keep the chandelier simple. This is because many raindrops and crystals can reflect on stairs and overshadow it. Chandeliers that are used as a light source have to be cleaned and maintained properly, because dust can dim the light. However, if the chandelier is a unique style, then its cleaning can be difficult.

Correct Measurement and Strength of Ceiling

Whenever you’ll go to a store to buy light fixtures, the first thing sore person asked is the height of the chandelier required. Therefore, before going out to explore, you should do your homework first. Measure the distance between the floor and ceiling to know the right height of the chandelier which will look appropriate on your ceiling. Don’t just buy any chandelier. Check if the ceiling can bear the weight of the chandelier. Sometimes heavy chandeliers may not fall from the ceiling, but force cracks on it, thereby destroying its beauty.

The chandelier should be accessible because you’ll have to clean it frequently. Always view the chandelier from every angle and imagine its effect on the staircase area. Rather than buying from just one store, explore as many shops as you can.

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