How to Grow Your E-commerce Sales Using a YouTube Channel

Grow Your E-commerce Sales Using a YouTube Channel

As of 2020, YouTube is the second most viewed website after Google. Despite this fact, many e-commerce business owners do not utilize the platform to grow their sales and generate more revenue. As surprising as it may sound, YouTube is the most suitable marketing tool for any e-commerce business. 

Why? Because it has billions of active users who spend an ideal time watching different YouTube videos. This means if you get YouTube subscribers for your channel and create marketing-worthy content, you’ll be able to direct your viewers to the e-commerce store and increase the overall sales. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. For instance, YouTube is a competitive market and if you want to make your videos reach the target audience, you’ll have to focus on a few crucial strategies. In this guide, we’re going to discuss a few of these key strategies that’ll help you utilize YouTube to grow your e-commerce sales. 

1. Increase Your Subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the more traffic you can generate on your e-commerce website. So, as soon as you’ve created your YouTube channel, the first objective should be to increase the total number of subscribers. Now, there are different strategies to get more subscribers on YouTube. You can either follow the natural route and let YouTube’s algorithm push your videos to the top and gradually increase the subscriber count. 

But, if you don’t want to waste your time, you can also buy YouTube subscribers from trusted platforms like Sapiyo. This will help you make your channel reach the potential market and get 100% targeted subscribers. Once you’ve got the required number of subscribers on your channel, it’ll be way easier to redirect them to your website and grow your YouTube sales.  

2. Partner With Other YouTubers

Another way to grow your e-commerce sales using YouTube is to collaborate with other people on the platform. To do this, you’ll have to find YouTubers who share the same target audience as your brand. Also, it’s not necessary to look for people who have millions of subscribers as they are less likely to agree to your deal, especially if your brand is relatively new. 

Instead, try to approach a small YouTube channel with an extremely focused audience. This will make it easier to make your products reach extremely targeted customers who are most likely to convert, helping you generate more revenue.

When it comes to collaborating with other YouTubers, the easiest way is to send your products and ask them to create a review video, given that they like the product. However, don’t be pushy with the approach and let the person share their honest feedback about your products. 

3. Upload Launch Videos on Your Channel

Whether you’re selling clothes or electronic products on your online store, it’ll always be beneficial to create dedicated product launch videos and share them on your YouTube channel. This will notify your existing subscribers about the new launch and they’ll be able to see the first look of the products. 

You can even ask professionals to review your products as this will help your viewers get an honest opinion about the product. Also, don’t forget to share the launch video across all your social media platforms. You can also share the video on different Facebook groups. This will make it easier to get more exposure to your brand and you might even get instant YouTube subscribers for your channel as well.    

4. Provide Special Discounts

One of the easiest ways to grow your ecommerce sales through YouTube is to provide special offers to the YouTube audience. You can giveaway special discount coupons to people who are already your subscribers. This way you’ll be able to showcase that you care about your subscribers and people will most likely return to your store in the nearby future. 


YouTube is the most underrated marketing tool for e-commerce business owners. But, if you manage to utilize the platform in the right way, you’ll be able to get instant YouTube subscribers and more traffic on your online store. So, make sure to create a YouTube channel for your e-commerce brand and start publishing regular content to get more sales.

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