Buy different Ghibli Merchandise

Buy different Ghibli Merchandise

Studio Ghibli is world famous for its characters and the way they have made a place in everybody’s heart all around the world. The Ghibli studio was founded in the year 1885, based on an Arabic name meaning the ‘hot Sahara wind’, by Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki a well-known producer. The first official movie of Studio Ghibli was the castle in the sky, but anime as a genre wasn’t quite accepted then. Kiki’s delivery service was Ghibli’s first breakthrough movie, which received great response from the viewers.

The Ghibli products

Miyazaki is known for his fabulous and unique work, such as my neighbour Totoro and the spirited away. He is an absolute genius, who can very well transform the animated characters in such a way that they are able to tell stories that touch everyone’s heart. Based on these famous characters sketched by Miyazaki, there are a number of stores in Japan selling Ghibli products and these stores also ship worldwide. Totoro is the most famous amongst all the characters, even a small store in Japan you can find things related to Ghibli. Here are a few Ghibli products and places where these products can be found, so look at this now.

Where to look for Ghibli Products?

  • Ghibli handkerchiefs can be found, along with hats and bags with Ghibli characters. These products can also be found in the Ghibli Museum store in Japan. Clothing items such as t-shirts and socks with Totoro and Jiji from the Kiki deliver service can also be found in different stores and places. Claw machines in Japan also have Ghibli stuff, which is quite exciting.
  • The official Ghibli Museum shop known as the Mama Aiuto consists of some adorable stuff which also includes jewellery with Ghibli characters. Although the shop is pricey the products it has are of great quality.
  • Lollies with Ghibli characters can also be found in the stores and can be given as souvenirs to the Ghibli fans. Colourful pillow covers with Totoro can be found in stores as well as online on the store’s website. With these pillow covers, silicone phone cases with No face or the Totoro are also quite popular. Dragon neck rest is another interesting thing that can be found in the Ghibli store quite easily.
  • A lot of departmental stores in Japan have a corner for Ghibli products. You might have to hunt a lot but there is a special corner for Ghibli products.
  • Along with all the fancy products, there are also food products with Ghibli characters; such as puffs. There are quite a lot of bakeries that are known for selling Totoro characterised cookies and puffs.

But, to buy these Ghibli things you should keep a budget aside, whether you plan to buy them online or on your visit to Japan.

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