Top locations for weddings and events in the City of Joy

weddings and events in the City of Joy

The areas which are incredibly posh in Kolkata are undoubtedly from South Kolkata. Places like Jodhpur Park, Jadavpur, Lake Gardens, Alipore, Ballygunge etcetera. The Kolkata Banquets that are located in these areas are definitely meant for celebrity weddings. Places like this, offer exclusive areas for hosting a posh feast. That stands incredibly professional for the ones opting to have the supposet best wedding of the following decade.


Novotel Kolkata is a lavish venue to host your dream wedding. It offers one of the best banquet halls in Kolkata. It is located near Axis Mall. This Kolkata banquets serves delightful delicacies covering veg and non-veg dishes. The decor team will surely impress you and will give a special touch to your big day.

It offers luxurious rooms and you won’t have to worry about comfort. It has a sprawling lawn that can accommodate many guests and the banquet hall is spacious too. So plan your big day with Novotel to make a memorable one. Anguising the rest of the things that happen at a wedding function, this is visual delight for the ones going. Anglo-western place for the wedding bells.

2. ITC Sonar

ITC Sonar is an elegant venue to host your wedding events. It is located near Pragati Maidan police station and is well known among the locals. The Kolkata banquets serve mouth-watering veg and nonveg delicacies to their guests.

This banquet hall in Kolkata offers multiple party areas to host multiple events without any issue. The lush green landscape is perfect for an open-air wedding. ITC Sonar will surely fill you with unforgettable memories. Irrespective of what you have chosen for the big day, this is a luxury for a wedding itself at Kolkata banquets.

3. JW Marriot

JW Marriott in Kolkata offers many banquet halls that are ideal for social and corporate functions. It offers spaces for both intimate and large gatherings. There is a lush green lawn if you want to host an outdoor event. Who doesn’t talk about the massive buffet of JW Marriot? It consists of dreams of foods that you might fancy at the Kolkata banquets.

The staff here knows their job pretty well to make your dream day. You can even get decorators from outside to decorate your events. The rich decor makes it one of the best banquet halls in Kolkata. It is only 14.3 kilometers away from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. There are no restrictions on alcoholic beverages nor overnight functions. A far fetched comparison between the gifts and

4. Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency is a 5-star luxurious hotel that offers one of the finest Kolkata Banquets. This banquet hall in Kolkata is known for premium service and hospitality. It also offers multiple recreational activities such as yoga, tennis, etc.

It is also known for its diverse cuisines such as Italian, continental, etc. You can also opt for a residential wedding as it has ample spaces. You can also get decor artists and caterers from outside to go on with your dream day. It also offers adjustable time slots so you can choose your preferred day on your own.

5. Eastern Metropolitan Club

Eastern Metropolitan Club is a great venue to host your wedding party. It is one of the most spacious banquet halls in Kolkata which can host large gatherings without any issue. It offers impeccable services and provides amazing vibes to make your dream day come true.

The caterers prepare delicious mouth-watering veg and nonveg dishes for your guests.

It also offers complimentary changing rooms for your invitees. You can easily customize all the services provided here starting from decoration to catering to lighting etc. you can have a shot at Eastern Metropolitan Club as it is undoubtedly one of the finest Kolkata banquets.

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