Pros & Cons of Using a Press Release Distribution Service


Most companies and organizations opt for press release distribution to make their big news even bigger for the public. The effectiveness of this marketing strategy has been proven billions of times for thousands of companies and organizations. If you want to see your news published “on the wire”, press releases are the shortest way to achieve that. Companies can choose from millions of subscription-based services to distribute their news to thousands of media outlets.

Even though the process is the same for every organization, the range of distribution varies according to the company domain and need. Some companies will need wider distribution as they directly communicate with their audience while some companies require limited press release distribution service as per their exclusive need and domain. For instance, a retail woo-commerce platform will need a wider distribution to convey its audience on the other hand a company that makes computer or mobile chips doesn’t need a bigger distribution campaign.

Regardless of the distribution range, any company looking for a legitimate marketing strategy can go for press release distribution. But before that, they must have a clearer view of the pros and cons of this topic.


Apart from being the most widely acclaimed and greatly followed way to distribute your newsworthy story, PR distribution brings more benefits that will help your website and your business.

1. Limitless Exposure

If you choose to promote your news through wire distribution then you will have the chance to reach a limitless amount of people at the same time. Some of the giants of this domain can give you up to 1,000,000 media outlets for your news to get distributed and promoted. This will deliver a better web drive and eventually lead to increasing sales for the company. But make sure to run this process precisely to reach the desired goal for your company. But to reach this amount of exposure you will have to concoct your story in a way to get guaranteed placements.

2. Beneficial for SEO

The SEO factors offered by a well-executed press release distribution can do wonders for your company. Better SEO will help your website to have a better ranking on Google, and with a better ranking on Google, your organization can thrive. Every other person uses Google to find their needed services, whether it is packers and movers or nearby pet stores, getting optimized will help your business to get better results. And PR distribution offers this extensively.

3. Diverse Audience Base

Another extremely powerful reason to opt for a wire distribution service is its thorough and minute distribution range. As stated earlier not every company needs a big distribution, with a good PR distributor you can get international distribution, national, and local distribution. Not just this, they will also offer domain-based distribution if that is what you are looking for. This can be a daunting task when done alone but with professionals, this is nothing but a cakewalk.


Along all the good there are a few setbacks that might evoke resentment, but even the lamp has its shadows. Here are some cons that might need reconsideration before you opt for a press release distribution.

1. Expenses

PR distribution comes with a cost. For some large wire distributors, one has to pay thousands of dollars for a single distribution. And this is when small PR firms will come to your rescue where you don’t need to pay in thousands. From some websites, you can obviously go for free press release sites but the legitimacy of these platforms is questionable. Make sure to go for pain services, but this can be a slight hindrance for budding business owners as they are going to be on budget for some time. But the outcome of wire distribution will be worth the money. But for large and mid-sized companies with well-backed resources, this is not at all a setback.

2. Everything All at Once

Another setback of PR distribution is getting lost in the crowd. There are thousands of news every day getting published and promoted, and there is a good chance that your news can be lost in the limitless void with millions of eyes. Utilizing good quality keywords and reflective writing and distribution can save your PR from drowning amid a crowd.

3. Out-of-date Habit

Journalists have acquired an out-of-date habit of receiving a PR. The process of sending a PR to a journalist is simple, you need to write a PR attach the file with an email, and send it to a journalist. And if it gets picked then your press release will be promoted. This is one of the oldest ways to dismiss before knowing. Journalists are habituated to getting thousands of PR requests every day and they hardly pick a few to promote. This outdated process should have an up-gradation to become more efficient in terms of not missing out on good newsworthy stories.

4. Duration

And after all the hassles and bustles of submitting your PR even if gets picked you can’t be sure of the fact that it will reside on that website for a long time. Most of the time, PR is there on a website for a few days. Yet, there are companies who promise permanent placement and longevity of the placement but in most cases, it will only be there for a small period. If the content is a drive low traffic then it will also degenerate news coverage.

Press release distribution has been one of the leading ways to introduce more audiences to the business, but these are more effective and upgraded options. Yet, the effectiveness of a PR cannot be defined by just stating the pros and cons. But one can have a clearer view of how a wire distribution can and cannot help them. To conclude, press releases are a valuable way to popularize your news but one mustn’t limit themselves from using other marketing aspects to get the maximum results for your business or organization. Another thing is that not every news needs to be widely publicized, so choose competently and make sure you reach your target audience.

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