How the Tesla Sale Improves Year by Year

How the Tesla Sale Improves Year by Year

Tesla still holds 18% of the sales in the car market. It is really profitable for the car market and the Tesla company too.

Tesla has sold about 367,500 cars in the year 2019, which was 50% more than the sales in 2018 and almost triple than the cars sold in 2017. All the Tesla vehicles have travelled over 16 billion km of distance in the whole world. In the United States the total number of Tesla sales we’re 192,250. In the whole world, Tesla cars were sold in a great number.

The total sales of Tesla (TSLA stock) stand for 3,20,000 this year. However, the total goal of the car delivery was 5,00,000 this year, but they had made enough sales during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been reported that this year Tesla made a profit of US$ 8.7 billion at the ending of September.

This year it has been recorded that Tesla without being the member of KAIDA has sold about 10,518 cars from the month of January to September. Tesla has become the fourth largest brand to export highly in South Korea in a few last months.

In Korea, Tesla has been growing gradually due to the launch of Model 3, which was a highly distributed car this year.

Model 3 and Model Y of Tesla has increased its demand in the car market and made Tesla as the topmost automaker overcoming Volkswagen. All the automakers hold a smaller fraction than Tesla.

Sales revenue by region

Tesla stock has increased in demand after the launch of the model 3 and Model Y which are known for its volume and design. It has increased its sales from the last few years.

  • The United States – 46.71%
  • China – 10.61%
  • Netherland – 6.77%
  • Norway – 4.11%
  • Others – 28.99%

This total revenue makes 100% of the total revenue earned by Tesla this year by the supplies of electric cars.

New Tesla Service Centers to be Open

Tesla owns about 466 sales and service centres in the world. It has been reported that Tesla will open its new service centres in various different cities to expand their business. As electric cars have been in demand in many cities and have a sufficient number of sales every year, they have decided to open new sales and service centres to expand their business and make people have a good and satisfying service. If you think Tesla is a good company to invest, you can check its income statement at before that.


In this article, you can find the increased sales of Tesla this year. It is also mentioned the sales in different regions of the world.

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