Horror and Paranormal Adult Fiction Books

Horror and Paranormal Adult Fiction Books

Books shape our life, reading them will make you witness a new world. It will allow you to live in a fantasy world where you can live in someone’s story. You can witness new things and have the best adventure of your life. Sometimes you can get so involved in a book that the characters start becoming a part of your life. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, romance, comedy, paranormal, philosophy or biography, as soon as we start reading them, their story becomes a part of our life. We all like different genres and different authors, some people like romance, and some like mystery. Some of us even like the classic books written by previous writers. Anyone who is a bookworm will understand the importance of a good book, a well written story and character development.

There are some people who like horror and paranormal stories, they like to witness the thrill and mystery. While reading the book, they become so involved that it feels like they are a part of the story and they are living in the fiction world. It feels as if whatever is happening, they are living it. Some of the best horror and paranormal adult fiction books are briefly described below, take a look:

1. The Cellar – AJ Whitten

The Cellar revolves around the life of two sisters Meredith and Heather. Meredith believes that their neighbor is more than just creepy, he is a monster who likes to hurt people in his cellar. But Heather thinks otherwise, to her, he is a handsome guy who understands her. With her sister growing close to the creepy neighbor; Adrien, Meredith wants to stop her and expose her neighbor. But she is afraid if he finds out about her, he will take her to his cellar and hurt her sister. If you want to buy this book in premium quality, use Gramedia coupon code and your favorite books at an affordable price.

2. Haunted Campus – Rizqi Turama

The haunted campus is a collection of more than 25 ghost stories, in each story, you can see ghost illustrations. Some of them are true stories of people who have witnessed ghost sightings on their respective campuses. Each story is brilliant and spine chilling; it will keep you to the edge of your seat. They feel so real while reading that you start to think whether there is a ghostly presence near you or not.

3. Imperishable – Atiya A.W

Imperishable is a story of a boy; Brama, who is fascinated by a girl Lamia. His friends warn him about her, they think she is weird and not the right choice for him. Soon the boy starts to witness some strange things happening around him because of the girl, he realizes that his friends were right. He starts following her and witnesses some strange and creepy things about her.

4. Bus Accident Mystery – Rihall

Bus accident mystery is a story about a man named Argaco who missed his bus, but later the bus had a terrible accident. He feels lucky that he missed his bus, but sometime later he finds a bag full of money that belongs to a woman who died in that accident. Some strange things start happening and he feels that the woman’s soul is trapped somewhere and wants him to help her.

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