Here are 4 effective paraphrasing strategies

paraphrasing strategies

Paraphrasing is an important aspect of writing. This is especially true when the writer must take ideas from others and convert them into his/her own words. This is all about paraphrasing, effective and powerful paraphrasing means the better writing of content. This article will highlight the four key strategies you need to follow when writing content.

These steps will help you rewrite a text efficiently. You can also use an online paraphrase tool to try paraphrasing. Before you do that, make sure to read the following strategies:

  • You can paraphrase the passage by rereading it, looking up words that you don’t understand, until you realize the whole idea. Then, you can aim for something important in the back of the writer’s words.
  • Next, hide or cowl the passage. After the passage has been hidden, you can write the idea in your own words. This is similar to how you would explain it to your teacher or classmates. This will ensure that your content is free of plagiarism and prevent any penalties for plagiarism.
  • Once you are done writing, review your account of the writer’s original concept in relation to the content. Ask yourself these questions when comparing the two.

Q1 Can I address the thoughts of the author in a unique way that is different from my writing style?

Q2 Did I try to duplicate the writer’s idea or have I just modified the words in his/her original sentence(s).

  • Include a citation after your paraphrase. Otherwise, you could miss the author’s name and date of publication.

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