Can you change a name on the Delta Airline flight ticket?

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Have you ever wondered that you’re heading to your much-loved holiday destination and at the last minute you face boarding issues due to an incorrect name on the flight ticket? This can be scary for you as you cannot miss that flight at any cost. So, firstly it is advisable to double-check the personal details while booking your ticket. However, sometimes it happens that even after carefully checking everything, things get wrong. And, the name error is one of those incidents. Don’t worry if you have got your name on the American Airline ticket wrong. Simply check the Delta Airlines name correction policy! It is an instrumental facility for passengers to make a Delta ticket name change.

Common Features of Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines Name Correction policy is meant for their passengers’ convenience. Here are some of the ticket name changes that are permitted by AA under this policy. Delta Airlines name change policy, American airlines allow you to make only minor changes or corrections. You are allowed to make minor changes to your first name, last name, nickname, inverted name, middle name or initial name. Misspellings and typos in your name can be easily corrected! 

  • Major Changes: American airline also lets you make major corrections or changes to your name on the air ticket. However, these changes will need legal documents for the purpose of authentic name verification. The cases for major name changes include marriage, adoption, divorce, or legal name change. 

For the documents, the marriage certificate is needed to support your name change after wedding, a divorce decree after legal separation, guardian documents after adoption, and court order for legal name change.

  • Cost of Name Changes/Corrections: American airlines charge a certain amount of fee to process your required name changes. For basic modifications like misspellings & typos not more than 3 characters, flyers can make free of cost Delta airline name change on ticket. 

For relatively larger modifications such as full name changes, shifting middle or first names, or including last name, flyers may have to pay a fee of $25. The fee for national and international passengers can differ between $25 & $200. In some situations, the name change fee might go up to $700 on the basis of the type of trip.

Hopefully, you have clearly got the answer to your question “can you change a name on flight ticket”. Yes, you can. It is recommended to get in touch with your dedicated airline to know about their rules for the American airline name change on ticket.

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