5 Common Plumbing Repairs and Emergencies

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Plumbing crises always seem to occur at the most inconvenient of times!

While there may be some minor issues in the majority of situations, plumbing crises must be addressed immediately. Having said that, there are steps that can be taken to assist in assessing the situation and avoiding potential damage before a plumber arrives on the scene to help.

Here’s how to deal with different types of plumbing emergencies:

Leaky Taps

It is advised that minor tap leaks be addressed before they become more serious in order to avoid future issues. If you notice that your tap is overflowing, call a plumber to perform a basic check. Your tap’s internal body, where your spindle joins it may have developed a rough surface due to the use of a reseating tool. In this case, the surface of a copper will need to be flattened out with a reseating instrument before the O rings, tap washer, and tap washers are replaced.

Toilet Leak

First and foremost, make certain that it is the toilet that is leaking – check your basin or bath to see if the water is coming from anywhere else. When possible, you should use a little tap while behind the toilet to cut off the water supply. This must be your first port of call if the water is not turning off. Once the water has been shut off, contact a plumber.

Blocked drains

It is possible for the drains to become blocked by a variety of objects. It’s possible that your children threw a toy down the drain, or that hair in the bathroom or oil in the kitchen created the problem. Blocked drains are common both inside and outside the home. Make certain that your relieving gully or drain covers are properly in place to avoid balls or rocks from entering the system.

Tree roots could also be a significant contributor to clogged drains. Bear that in mind while deciding where to put your tree plantings. Tree roots can draw water waste out sewer drains, causing considerable damage and causing recurrent obstructions in the drain.

If you are suffering any of these issues in your house, contact the plumber Sydney professionals at, who take advantage of all types of technical breakthroughs to produce plumbing solutions that are more effective and sturdy.

Water Pipe Leaks

If you suspect a water pipe leak, turn off the water at the water metre right away to prevent further leaks and call a plumber right away for assistance. It is customary for the water metre to be situated on the front right or left side of your home.

Signs of a burst pipe include:

  • Soggy grass area with no rainfall
  • Water pressure suddenly reduces
  • Sudden high water bill with no extra persons living at the property

No hot water

What would we do if we didn’t have access to hot water, particularly on a chill winter mornings? Issues with hot water may occur on a regular basis. If your heater is powered by gas, it is possible that the pilot lights are going out and that it has to be re-lit. If your heat is electric, it is possible that the switch inside the box has tripped and that it has to be reset. If your gas heater doesn’t really relight, or if you reset the switch on to an electrical network and it trips again, this indicates that there is an issue with your water tank, and it is time to call a plumber to inspect the tank.

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